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How to buy a kids umbrella 

As a manufacturer, we are pleased to share with you the tips how to buy the kids umbrellas for your children.


  1. 1.Design. Probably the most important element in your purchasing decision. You’ll want to consult with your little monster what design they like best. There are colourful umbrellas for kids, kids animal umbrellas, rainbow umbrellas, or childrens character umbrellas,If you don’t pick the right design, good luck having the little one use his or her kids umbrella! It really boils down to whether you want to go the licensed or generic kind (the brand whippette kids umbrellas or spelled wippette kids umbrellas are a good make to consider when purchasing the non-licensed kind).
  2. 2.Safety. At the tip of the kids umbrella make sure that there is a protective piece covering the point of the kids umbrella. Some umbrellas for kids use a plastic ball while others are simply made of thick plastic that won’t poke any eyes out.
  3. 3.Handles. There are three basic types of handles used for umbrellas for kids. There are moulded ones in the shape of the childs’ favourite character and then there are those that are plastic with a design integrated into the plastic cover. The last kind is the classic hook kind. Depending upon the age of the child you might want to evaluate the various sizes of these handles and make sure the little one can properly hold his or her kids umbrella.
  4. 4.Opening and Closing mechanisms. There are two types of mechanism available for kids umbrellas. The automatic and manual kind. For toddlers under five, I would not recommend automatic. You don’t want little fingers getting caught. Also, give the kids umbrella to your child to try out. See if they can easily open and close the umbrella.
  5. 5.Size. I would say there are probably three sized kids umbrellas. Small, which would be recommend for toddlers 5 and under, mid-size for kids 5-10, and then standard sized umbrellas for the tween group. Some would argue that there are also bubble shaped umbrellas that cover more, but it’s really a personal preference.

Some warnings:

    1. 1,After prolonged use, you might want to check the metal rods of the kids umbrella. Make sure that none are protruding. You don’t want to have any eye accidents on your hands.
    2. 2,Before making a purchasing decision, you might want to consider looking for a matching kids rain coat. There’s nothing cuter than your little daughter all dressed up in her favourite princess outfit!
    3. 3,Make sure that the kids umbrella is age appropriate. Easy handling is important when selecting an umbrella for kids.