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How to Use a Beach Umbrella 

A beach umbrella is an essential item to take on any trip to the beach. The sun's ray can be very harmful and damaging to skin, and the use of a beach umbrella provides some protection. Additionally, the shade from a beach umbrella offers a cool retreat from the hot sun, allowing you to enjoy the beach longer.



1,Find a good spot on the beach to use your umbrella. Try not to be too close to someone else, particularly if you are between them and the beach. Your beach umbrella  will block their view, and that can be rude.

2,Drive the beach umbrella deep into the sand. The top layer of most sandy beaches is pretty loose, so it's important to get the stake of the beach umbrella into the more compacted sand below for stability's sake. If you can't get it down as far as you need by driving it straight down, pushing it further down into the ground while twisting the pole may work.


3 ,Test the sturdiness of the umbrella positioning by pushing and pulling on the canopy a little to see whether it will fall down.

4 ,Position your towels and beach chairs as desired within the shade given off by the beach uumbrella.

5 ,Readjust towels and chairs as the sun moves throughout the day. It's usually easier to move these items than to pull up and reposition the beach umbrella.

6 ,Shake any sand off the umbrella before collapsing it when the day is over.

Tips & Warnings

1,Buy a beach umbrella with sun-resistant fabric for the most protection. If you have a history of skin cancer or any other conditions that require staying out of the sun, sun-resistant beach umbrellas may help you enjoy the weather from a safe position.

2,Choose a uniquely colored or patterned beach umbrella to help you find your camp on the beach from the water and when you take a walk. The areas of the beach can start to all look alike, but a bright beach umbrella can act like a homing beacon.

3,Get a lightweight aluminum beach umbrella if you don't go to the beach often and don't want to carry a heavier umbrella

4,Buy a beach umbrella that is wind resistant. Some of the strongest winds are at the coast and an umbrella that isn't wind resistant can blow away easily.

5,Always use sunblock when you go to the beach. An umbrella won't protect you from all of the sun's rays and you shouldn't expose skin without using sunscreen.