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There are more and more people like to spend holiday at the beach now. Purchasing a beach umbrella that will meet your needs while spending time at the beach is about more than just grabbing any umbrella off the stand. Here we are pleased to provide you the info how to purchasing a beach umbrella.

1,where to buy it.

Go to a suitable outlet. Beach umbrellas will be found in:

Hardware stores

Outdoor living stores

Some pharmacies/drugstores

Large generalist retailers, department stores, and box stores.

2,how to Select a beach umbrella according to your specific needs. Things to keep in mind include:

A,Size - how many people do you want sitting under it? Just you, or a crowd? For a small family, look for an umbrella with a width of about 6 feet

B,Durability - is the fabric strong, durable and lightweight? Is the stake made of strong, durable material while not being too heavy for you to carry or unfold and put into place? Aluminum pole is always better than steel pole, both in weight and stability.

C,Anchor point - is there a way to keep the umbrella anchored to the sand to prevent it from blowing away?

3,Choose a suitable color. Bright, light colors are best to help reflect the sun's light.


A,Trying opening the umbrella for maximum coverage.

B,Check the fabric and product manual, confirm the sliver coating or PA treatment is what you want.

C,97% fabric of beach umbrella is polyester, the difference is the gram weight/㎡. The gram weight decides how long you can use the umbrella.

5,Other suggestions

Beach umbrellas are different from normal rain umbrellas. Some will not be rain proof. Some will easily flip inside-out from wind.

When opening umbrellas, keep away from breakables, animals, and other people. You could injure them. Or break something. That would be bad.

If you open an umbrella inside that will not fit through your doorway, do not attempt to shove it through. You could break it or scratch the paint off your doorway.