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The fabric used in umbrella production


There are mainly 3 kinds of fabric used in umbrella. The cost from low to hight as follow: Polyester,PG cloth,Nylon.


Polyester fabric is mostly using fabric. The character is as below:


bright colors,you will feel resistance when you rub it by hand, and there are creases obviously and not easy to restore. The umbrella with silver covering is strong UV function. The pearl clothe is also used polyester fabric. The pearl umbrella is the most women’s favourite.


PG cloth is a new cloth. PG has the following characteristics: color was matte, dark. Feel like cotton, good light resistance, PG cloth cost is relatively high, but anti-ultraviolet function, quality stability, color grade are more ideal, is a better umbrella cloth, PG cloth generally used only in high level umbrella


Nylon fabric umbrella is also a variety of high level, it is beautiful color, touch feeling like silk in your hand,there is little resistance when you rubing it. However, this cloth has a weakness, it is very easy to shrink when the air  humidity is high, and sometimes even affect the normal opening and closing. So it is not often used in umbrella.